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The Products

booth at function.jpg

The Booth

Clearly the main attraction.

There's nothing better than a freshly purchased booth that meets a classy yet fun vibe.

The sleek Scandanavian design is simply beautiful.

And simple to use. And just beautiful.

The Photo Strips

We take pride in creating a customised experience for each customer, so we will collaborate closely to create a custom design for your photo booth strip. This way it will perfectly match your themes and preferences! With some quick and efficient emails you will have a unique and memorable photo booth strip that serve as a memento for your guests. 


Isn't it so cute being able to quickly airdrop or email yourself a cute little GIF?

BTW it looks super aesthetic on your Instagram story.

tag @little.miss.booth ? (sorry I had to)

The Backdrops

Choose whichever you love the most!

(There may or may not be another one coming soon)

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